Bayou Vista, Texas, April 20, 2003


Mojave, California, April 18, 2003:
Scaled Composites today unveiled the existence of a commercial manned space program. This previously hidden, active research program has been in the works at its facility for two years. This program includes an airborne launcher (the White Knight), a space ship (SpaceShipOne), rocket propulsion, avionics, simulator and ground support elements.

Two years ago Scaled Composites contacted Bill Hauser, Inc. (BHI) with a problem of handling rocket fuel.  BHI designed and built the MONODS system.  The completed unit was delivered on time and on budget.  Some parts of the system were in stock at BHI's used equipment yard in LaMarque and some parts had to be fabricated.  The used parts were overhauled by BHI.  The main storage vessel was fabricated by G. A. Mosites Inc. in Alvin, Texas and the heat exchanger was fabricated by Dunn Heat Inc. in Texas City, Texas.  BHI provided onsite set up and training for Scaled Composites.  The history of BHI was devoted primarily to the chemical industry but now has reached a new plateau in the space industry.  Congratulations to Burt Rutan and his fine crew in Mojave, CA.